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Running For Whangārei District Council 2022, Whangārei Urban General Ward:

Sponsorship I do believe I would do a good honest job if elected to council. Ideas are plentiful funds are limited, I run a children’s charity Children with Disability NZ I have poured funds and time into setting up this charity.

I self-fund other charity focused groups Disability Advisory Group NZ and ACC Advocates NZ. I am strong on not asking for help, but helping others is what I am about.

A huge ask I need a spokesperson for candidates meetings etc my voice disability means it is not possible to talk to a room fill of people I do not have the volume of voice needed.


It’s not easy being a softly spoken leader. But in some ways, I’d say it’s better. I began my career in a very quiet manner, but over the years I grew in confidence, made mistakes, accomplished some good things and now I feel like my opinion should be heard.


Being soft spoken is part of who I am. I can’t just turn my personality or disability off and become a different person. So, let’s look and see if we can reframe the challenge of the softly spoken leader.

Funding my run for Whangarei District council I would appreciate donations and sponsorship offers.


Candidate donations, A candidate donation is a donation of money, goods or services that is made for use in my candidate’s campaign. I would welcome discussions with people or organisations willing to listen to my ideas and back me to help me help our cities people.


Roadside billboards, printed materials an offer of help erecting billboards or delivering brochures all these sorts of things.

Donations are always gratefully received.

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- Together We Can Make A Positive Change!

Websites Currently Owned

My Network:

As a website designer and a strong advocate for disabled, not only disabled but for all people I have built a network of helpful websites as below. These websites are intended to help others find help themselves.


Disability Advisory Group:

Disability Advisory Group NZ is a passion driven by the need to advise councils and government helping understanding.

ACC Advocates:

My website ACC Advocates NZ is a information delivery system designed to help others find help in a less stressful way.

Children With Disability NZ:

My Charity Children with Disability NZ is a passion driven by the need to help young disabled children live good lives.

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