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Our Crime Whats Whangarei District Council Doing to Help:

I think we need to look at other cites to find a solution to the issue of crime. The Whangarei CBD is a no go area after dark my older friends many retired were regular café goers but many no longer enter the CBD because they feel unsafe. Alcohol is a big driver of a lot of the disorder and assaults we need investment in a robust and safe nightlife to help the city's economy.


Better mental health and addiction services, housing, addressing inequality, the type of things that keep the community safe and crime low need more effort put in.


One thing I have noticed when large events are on extra parking enforcement officers are employed for the day to issue fines often for warrant and registration $200.00 each. Effectively people are already struggling. people come into the town basin they arrive in cars some have no warrants so the council fines them into deeper poverty in large numbers so hurts them, does this need to happen so much at community events.


Other cities are having the same crime issues we are having. We need to do research find out which cities are winning and follow their lead but also apply local solutions. Community patrols need better support.


Drugs more effort needs to go into programs to help people get off drugs with a focus on P. This needs to be community driven. A rewards based community program similar programs are currently running but with a focus of reward for your efforts with a good feed and building friendship. I are also keen to see all of those in jail go through a proper rehabilitation process, so when they come out they have the skillsets they need. Police also need to be working with other agencies and community leaders we need to find the drivers for the crime that is being committed.

Together we can make Whangārei safe again

- Together We Can Make Whangārei Safe Again!

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