Watching the birds fly by
Watching the birds fly by

This Is What I Love To Do:

With the proper camera and vision, photography has made my life much better. I have a busy life I work hard sometimes I feel stress I mean, really, how much can you concentrate on that all-consuming problem when you turn your focus instead to the petals of a flower, the wings of a butterfly, the graceful sands of a majestic beach or indeed Tui my favorite birds in my garden.

I am a professional photographer in my own way. I do sell some images but get more satisfaction with simply sharing my high quality photography and creativity while taking photographs of living things.

It has inspired my own creativity, as I come up with new ideas. For instance, I have land trees and a stream this is my own land it is a living place full of life different colours it may be an unusual bird or the sun glinting of the running water in the stream, the shadow of a passing eel. a bright green frog.

I myself are a wheelchair user almost all of my photography is taken from a seated position this gives me a point of difference I specialise in taking photos of the New Zealand Tui.

I utilize my wheelchair. My wheelchair isn't utilizing me my wheelchair is a tool.

I have had a successful life I never married but was able to build my own environment to accommodate my physical limits. Owing to my individual success I have been able create an outdoor space my studio, I love the NZ Tui they love me allowing me to get within a metre or two, my love of life shows through my photography.

Glen McMillan Photography
Glen McMillan Photography

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