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This Is My Story:

I need to start by stating my abilities far outweigh my disabilities I am incredibility able

As per my profile I do have disabilities from a childhood accident I struggle to walk or I use a wheelchair, so I often do not reach the phone in time.
You may initiate contact with me by email. This is always the best way. 

At the age of 10 it was 1970 I had my first two wheeler bike we lived on a steep street I fell from my bike I hit my head and suffered a subdural hematoma causing motor neuron brain damage which has caused my walking disability. I have what is known as a scissoring gait.

- I Believe That Anyone Can Do Anything!

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I'm A Little Bit Different:

So as a result of my accident and a subdural hematoma which is a collection of blood between the dura mater and the arachnoid layer, which sits directly on the surface of the brain because of this brain bleed my movement was affected as the signal from the brain telling me how to walk is not working very well. This has left me with a scissoring gait.

To help you understand what a  is and how it can affects me, this article will discuss its primary cause, associated risks, and various management interventions. What’s the Link Between Scissoring Gait and Cerebral Palsy?

Scissoring gait. Flexed knees due to contracted gastrocnemius. Adducted legs due to contracted adductor muscles. Ankle equinus bringing foot plantigrade. Adapted from (HSP Research Foundation).
A scissoring gait is characterized by the knees and thighs pressed together or crossing each other while walking. It’s caused by high muscle tone (spasticity) in the hip adductors. The hip adductors are the muscles responsible for bringing the thighs together. Because these muscles remain contracted, internal hip rotation occurs and the upper half of the legs cannot separate while walking.


A scissoring gait is most common in individuals with spastic diplegia. This type of CP occurs when motor impairments predominantly affect the legs in my case as a result of an accident. Please note my brain injury has no other long term affect on my abilities in other ways. I now work in IT After a career in electronics. I have a voice disabilty not as a result of the head injury the voice disability is the result of needing breathing tubes and damage to my vocal cords by the tracheostomy I required.

My Voice:

As per my profile I do have disabilities from a childhood accident I struggle to walk or I use a wheelchair, so I often do not reach the phone in time. You may initiate contact with me by email. This is always the best way. 


By far the most debilitating side of my disability is that I have been left with a husky low volume voice. I have had airway reconstruction, my airway is narrow I make a noise when breathing. This noise is similar to the sound of snoring.


My Vocal cords were damaged by the urgent requirement for a life saving tracheotomy I was only a child when my voice was taken from me.

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Communication To Get Ahead In Life We Need To Be Able To Communicate With Others...

Communication to get ahead in life we need to be able to communicate with others. I have voice disabilities so even if I reach the phone often people are immediately on the defensive because they are not expecting my voice, this is part of my disability I have to live with it, I would appreciate others have an understanding of this.


My voice is husky and low volume. It is just not possible to have a conversation in a room full of talking people I simply do not have the required volume. Having a conversation is not an issue in a quiet place. I am more than happy to chat with others. People need to see past my disabilities I talk just fine in the right circumstances. I am running for council I am not required to walk fast or talk loudly my wheelchair gives me great mobility. 


I fell from my bike aged 10 after 4 years in hospital. At age 14 I returned to a normal school, my voice was very distinctive and husky following airway reconstruction, I worked hard at school head down learning. Not only other children but teachers could be so cruel, when teachers backs were turned other children would imitate my voice, the teachers would turn and yell at me. This was victimization It was not me talking this occurred every day.


I was top in my 5th form science class, my teacher wrote in my school report that I did not deserve this result as I was disruptive in class. I was not disruptive other children imitating my voice in science class brought on this uncalled for remark. So why am I saying this now, the answer is because I am considering running for council people will want to talk with me and I want to be able to answer so lets find a quiet place and lets talk.

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