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I Am Glen McMillan & These Are My Abilities:

Firstly my disability I struggle to walk almost like a stoke victim aged 10 I had an accident that would leave me disabled, after 4 years in hospital I returned to my home and back to school my family support has always been strong.


I was 14 when discharged only two years later I did my first laps around Pukekohe Raceway in my first Nissan. My legs are mis-wired and retrained if that makes sense I had to learn to walk again and drive a car, in these two tasks I function quite differently.


The brain sends out one set of instructions to walk and a different set of instructions to drive, my legs are not broken.

The instructions to walk part is faulty but the instructions to drive is correctly wired I have raced cars and karts on and off all my adult life I left foot brake this is trained and totally natural. In go karting I was producing A grade lap times only two peddles one to go one to stop.

The Auckland Kart track 650 metres nine corners speeds over 100kph 16,000 rpm, one lap 32.7 seconds my legs work very fast, I was very competitive.

I have a list of abilities far to big for any webpage the whole point is yes I have some disabilities but my abilities are way better than any limitations I may have.

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