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Mobility Parking in Whangārei District:

I have the answer to the lack of mobility parking in Whangarei 58 mobility parks supplied in Whangarei with a population of almost 100,000. 58 mobility parks. Now let’s have a look at the suitability of these parks. My wheelchair van with hoist requires a 3-metre clearance on the left side.


This is required for the hoist to lower and have space for the chair to move off the hoist without damaging other cars or people. this is required to exit but must also be available when I return meaning I need to get in the same way as I got out, this means I can only park where others cannot park on my left side.


The hoist is unsafe on sloping parking areas. The result out of the 58 supplied mobility parking spaces about 30% that's 17 of them are suited to my type of van, out of the 17 spots at least 5 would mean deploying the hoist into live traffic lanes not ideal or safe.


That leaves 12 suitable spots now we have six offending drivers without mobility cards using 50% of available spots. That leaves just 6 accessible useable mobility parking spaces suited to people reliant on wheelchairs and the vans that carry them.


I go round in circles around the CBD or town basin even out in the suburbs I always see other wheelchair users circling the same areas often two others so as many as three wheelchair carrying vans almost constantly circle parking areas. Give us the disabled the same parking concessions as the over 70s that is the only answer disabled drivers would be no longer required to circle hoping to get one of those very few spots.

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Make Whangārei Accessible To Everyone:

At the beginning of this post, I stated I had the answer and I do simple easy stuff. Over 70s get free parking disabled used to, but this concession was removed some years ago by many members of the current council. Give disabled people the same concession as the over 70s this is one of my polices.


The current exemption for over 70s is poorly planned easy as pie to misuse see below instruction on how to use from WDC. (We suggest the parking fee exemption card be displayed in the supplied window sleeve on the left-hand side of the windscreen in a location not obstructing your vision. If the card becomes faded or unreadable for any reason, please return it to customer services, Whangarei District Council for a replacement.)


So, if somebody buys a car, chances are they will leave the exemption in the supplied sleeve or borrow grandmothers’ car when you go to town for free parking. At least the disabled have removable cards so can carry the card in whichever car we use.


The current over 70 concession is attached to the car not the person. Out of all potential candidates who would support me in voting to allow mobility card holders the same parking concessions as the over 70s. I really think this is a hugely important issue safety in our city of Whangarei has gone to the pack older people and disabled cannot outrun potential attackers.

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