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Honesty within Whangārei District Council

Hi I am Glen McMillan honesty is very important to me, it never feels good if you feel you are being deceived, unfortunately it often feels like a case of who you know not what you know, jobs for the boys in Whangārei


I am self made I never married I have lots of friends normally the type of people needing help to accomplish better outcomes for themselves. 


The world situation is not good people are struggling we need a fairer system there seems to be lots of support for big projects. Over my years in Whangārei I see community funding going to a small clicky group time and time again.

Often big projects have little detail meetings are called at short notice I think hundertwasser is a prime example we were plainly deceived the final building that now stands there is nothing like the model displayed for years.

Access to the roof garden is not free as most expected it should be and the gate to the stairs is locked, the model displayed for years had no stairs but showed pathways not fences and gates the promotional videos told us people could wander around the rooftop gardens


Roading huge amounts of ratepayer money goes into roading the quality of the work is shoddy at best have we forgotten how to make goods roads or is it just a good earner for those in the boys club.

These things need to be looked at. Which councillors sit on boards dealing with roading why are we going backwards while spending up large.

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- I Honestly Want To Make A Positive Change.

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I Am Glen McMillan & I Have Dyslexia:

- Helping Others Is What I Do Best!

A Little Bit About My Background Growing Up In New Zealand:

I had a pushbike accident in 1970 I was aged 10 I left hospital aged 14 and somewhat gifted, as much as the accident took from me it also delivered to me. it delivered a deep compassion for others, I had witnessed suffering and death all those things a child should never see. I am well read having read doctors books while in hospital well beyond my age I left school at 16 and started an electronics apprentice.


Others looked at me as that poor boy. That was not the case I was alive I had a lot to give, others were worst off than me. When I got out of hospital in 1974 I was first sent to a special school this lasted only weeks it was not where I was meant to be. I was given an aptitude test. My aptitude proved I was advanced more educated than others my age I returned to a normal school.

I had to learn everything again to walk talk and eat three years breathing dependent on tubes. I learnt mind power, amazing thing mindpower having the ability to learn is a fantastic asset.
I have owned a number of successful businesses Auckland Telephone Services and PlayStation Repairs NZ were just two of them. I trained in electronic design and repair, working for well known companies like Plessey NZ repairing telecommunications equipment and Tesco repairing televisions and videos.


I have done many courses over the years. My electronic repair businesses were very successful I employed disabled people and taught them how to repair low voltage phones answer phones remotes and other devises and then we moved onto PlayStation. I think more because of my disability when I am told I can not do things I prove otherwise.

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I am just me I work a lot I read a lot I help others I do not try to be anybody but myself. I run several websites I am successful.



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Let’s work together I am connected to my community through my extensive social media networks. I hear of my communities concerns and needs I listen and will act for the betterment of our cities people.

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Getting involved with my community I run a children’s charity Children with Disability NZ I also work for CCS Disability Action as the Northland Disability Leadership Intern.

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