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Homelessness in Whangarei District

Housing deprivation and homelessness are growing in Whangārei families youth school kids many are becoming homelessness this has a lot of social and emotional impact.

it also has a long term impact on peoples health.

A short term answer is a easing of building restrictions allowing tiny houses, how much land is sitting unused, perhaps industrial buildings could be used housing needs to be discussed at the same time as mental health and addictions services many homeless have mental health or addiction issues any housing solutions need to take this into account.

I am a wheelchair user I am lucky enough to have been able to buy a house and modify it to cater for any physical limitations I may have, Many disabled are finding themselves struggling to find suitable accessible accommodation.


There are accessibility issues when it comes to the KiwiBuild programme – the ballot process and the available stock of accessible options.


How would council better understand local needs this needs work.

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