Working collaboratively
Working collaboratively

Together We Can Make A Positive Change To Our Community:

Working collaboratively is a process that brings together different people with different ideas. I am certainly different in many ways I will bring a new perspective to council. I think there needs to be compassion for all people.


Collaborative design is a multi-staged UX (user experience) process that involves planning and strategy. The design phase of the UX process is driven by user feedback, (this can only be true if the users are listened to).

Collaborative design working together is part of a UX (user experience) process that achieves different stages, along with design, to reach a final goal for our city.

Each UX process has a beginning, middle and end. The design phase is the middle, the research phase is the beginning and the launch phase is the end.


My job is website design, a website has a beginning called the header a middle and the footer, My field of expertise extends to search engine optimisation for Google and other search engines.


The search engine optimisation process is simple you have to be better than your competitors there is only one front page on Google, the process is called optimisation and I am good at it.


I think our city needs optimisation ratepayers money is being wasted. Infrastructure is falling apart our CBD is dirty and dying. I will be asking why and suggesting solutions.

Let's work together for positive change
Let's work together for positive change

- Let's Work Together!

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