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Let's Talk About It:

You may contact me by email. This is always the best way. As per my profile I do have disabilities I struggle to walk or use a wheelchair, so I often do not reach the phone in time. 

I have voice disabilities so even if I reach the phone often people are immediately on the defensive because they are not expecting my voice, this is part of my disability I have to live with it, I would appreciate others have an understanding of this.

My voice is husky and low volume. It is just not possible to have a conversation in a room full of talking people I simply do not have the required volume. Having a conversation is not an issue in a quiet place.

I am more than happy to chat with others. People need to see past my disabilities I talk just fine in the right circumstances.

If you want to chat lets find a quite place and we can talk.

I am running for council I am not required to walk fast or talk loudly my wheelchair gives me great mobility. 

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