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I Am Glen McMillan & This Is Who I Am:

About Glen McMillan Born in Auckland moved to Whangarei in 2013 I brought a house with a big section tucked into bush. I just love life and love what I do.


From a large family with 3 brothers and a sister aged 10 I had an accident that would leave me disabled, after 4 years in hospital I return to my home and back to school my family support has always been strong.

Each member of my family has been successful at whatever they did. Despite losing 4 years schooling I quickly caught up I left school aged 16 after sitting school C and started a career in electronics.


Having spent a great deal of my childhood in hospital away from other children but surrounded by doctors and nurses I learnt to read doctors books I helped repair respirators, I became differently educated I had UE level reading skills at age 14. I am a very active disability advocate currently employed by CCS Disability Action - Northland Branch as the Northland Disability Leadership Intern. I am also running for Whangarei council while also continuing to run my children's charity Children with Disability NZ.


Landing this leadership role with CCS Disability Action shows the disabled people living in our city believe I can accomplish change for the better. My new Job title is Northland Disability Leadership Intern. The position is a leadership role which works under the guidance, direction and delegation of the Regional Disability Leadership Coordinator and involves relationship building, support and administration and the provision of quality education and awareness programs internally and externally to community organisation’s, businesses, schools, and the wider community.

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Having Functional & Positive Relationships with:

CCS Disability Action Northern Region Staff, Regional Disabled Staff Group, National Disabled Staff Leadership Team. Local Advisory/Local Committees.

Disabled people, family, and whanau Community, government and disability sector representatives and groups. Other professionals and organisations specific to the role. The Northland Disability Leadership intern will promote Disabled Leadership and the perspective and reality for disabled people within CCS Disability Action and the community.


Be part of and monitor the promotion of a disability culture in the Northland branch.

Support the Regional Disability Leadership Coordinator to build Sustainability for the Regional Disabled Staff Group to be a forum where disabled staff can freely discuss issues and provide input on disability related issues to the Region and Wider Organisation.


A forum to promote the fostering of disabled staff as Leaders.

The Northland Disability Leadership intern will build internal and external relationships that are positive and focused on the well-being of disabled people. I also continue to run other community focused websites such as Disability Advisory Group NZ, Children with Disability NZ and others.

I Have A Team & We Try Our Best To Give Back To The Whangārei Community:

We are currently a team of two Glen McMillan and Adrianne Tate, both experienced website designers. We are currently self-funded so only have ourselves as sponsors.  Glen McMillan has a disability and has had from age 10, Glen is skilled in things Google ranging from his ability to research to his ability at search engine optimization.


Google can be so frustrating delivering outdated search results. While working in his home office Glen had an idea his skills in SEO plus his skills in research online could be combined and a series of information-providing websites would be created.


These websites would be optimized to sit on page one of Google for the related search term providing up-to-date information to those searching for such information.


Then there is Adrianne who has her own set of skills Adrianne provides the look and feel of the website and our partner sites so all have the same operational experience this helps people navigate to where they need to get. Glen McMillan is funding this from his own pocket Glen runs a business Website Design Whangarei feel free to contact Glen for your website requirements.


The income from the business along will endless hours of effort supports currently three community-based websites listed below.

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My Heritage:

Glen McMillan my heritage trail ,  Ruawahine was a full-blooded Maori of the Ngaiterangi tribe. She married Englishman James Faulkner, their daughter Elizabeth married Englishman William Beazley.

Their daughter Mary married Scotsman Norman McMillan. Their son Archie married Susie Anderson Irish/Swedish.

Their son Max married Fay Carmont a descendant of the Ngati Raukawa tribe. Fay was the grandchild of Maraia, nee Knox whose mother, name unknown, was a member of Ngati Raukawa. 

That is where I came from.

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All Photography Taken By: Glen McMillan:




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My Address:

61 Riverside Drive

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