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I Am Glen McMillan Whangārei Urban General Ward:

Hi I am Glen McMillan where do I start firstly I have a notable disability I use a wheelchair, my voice is very quiet but my abilities outweigh any disability. Having spent a great deal of my childhood in hospital away from other children I became differently educated I had UE level reading skills at age 14.


I am also currently employed by CCS Disability Action NZ as the Northland Disability Leadership Intern, this is a leadership role supporting others. I am CEO of a Northland based charity Children with Disability NZ we have already raised funds for a wheelchair swing for Waipu park, and asked for new accessible items being added in the new Pohe Island playground in Whangarei.


I believe Whangarei has lots to offer. With interest rates and inflation driving people out of the big expensive cities world wide, our city Whangarei I believe is going to grow but before we can thrive many things need fixing. I work in IT and internet search to find solutions before the problem grows to big. I am success orientated I am driven to help others the big answer is efficiency do it once do it right.

Authorised by Glen McMillan 61 Riverside Drive Riverside Whangarei 0112

- Glen McMillan Running For Whangārei District Council 2022 Whangārei Urban General Ward.

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I Am Glen McMillan & I Have Dyslexia:

- Helping Others Is What I Do Best!

A Little Bit About My Background Growing Up In New Zealand:

I had a pushbike accident in 1970 I was aged 10 I left hospital aged 14 and somewhat gifted, as much as the accident took from me it also delivered to me. it delivered a deep compassion for others, I had witnessed suffering and death all those things a child should never see. I am well read having read doctors books while in hospital well beyond my age I left school at 16 and started an electronics apprentice.


Others looked at me as that poor boy. That was not the case I was alive I had a lot to give, others were worst off than me. When I got out of hospital in 1974 I was first sent to a special school this lasted only weeks it was not where I was meant to be. I was given an aptitude test. My aptitude proved I was advanced more educated than others my age I returned to a normal school.

I had to learn everything again to walk talk and eat three years breathing dependent on tubes. I learnt mind power, amazing thing mindpower having the ability to learn is a fantastic asset.
I have owned a number of successful businesses Auckland Telephone Services and PlayStation Repairs NZ were just two of them. I trained in electronic design and repair, working for well known companies like Plessey NZ repairing telecommunications equipment and Tesco repairing televisions and videos.


I have done many courses over the years. My electronic repair businesses were very successful I employed disabled people and taught them how to repair low voltage phones answer phones remotes and other devises and then we moved onto PlayStation. I think more because of my disability when I am told I can not do things I prove otherwise.

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The Journey I've Taken Over The Years & Where I Am Today:

When I had the idea of training unskilled disabled friends to repair phones and then get enough work to support them, I was told many times I would fail because Telecom did that, they were wrong and did not understand the deregulated market. Telecom was never going to repair imported phones Auckland Telephone Services business cards ended up on the counter of most Telecom shops and all other telephone retailers, I controlled Googles top result for every search related to telephone repairs. I had cornered the Auckland market.


I need to be on council because good opportunities need to be taken and bad ones removed. Auckland Telephone Services was a huge success TVNZ Success here, over a number of years the retail price on telephones dropped so did our workload.


Gaming was a growing industry I researched on Google I found a huge amount of PlayStations were failing, young people could not live without their PlayStations, Sony was flat out repairing PlayStations. I had an idea I would approach Sony NZ I had four trained disabled technician's I asked if we could repair PlayStations.


The reply was swift and the answer was no. Sony was not repairing these units they were replacing them with refurbished units. Wedding photos family photos people used the PlayStation as a storage devise getting a refurbished machine means they will lose everything.  I decided we would repair PlayStation consoles.


I made a website playstayionrepairs.co.nz and used my SEO skills so we were number one on Google within a week or so for the search PlayStation repairs. Immediately the work started coming in from all over the country. The lesson here is we hear how fixing our city is in the too hard basket while continuing to build grand bright sparkly developments at a cost to the ratepayer. We need to look after all our cities people not just a select few. Vote Glen McMillan Whangarei District Council 2022 Whangārei Urban General Ward.

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- Me Back In The Good Old Days!

Websites Currently Owned

My Network:

As a website designer and a strong advocate for disabled, not only disabled but for all people I have built a network of helpful websites as below. These websites are intended to help others find help themselves.


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Disability Advisory Group:

Disability Advisory Group NZ is a passion driven by the need to advise councils and government helping understanding.

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ACC Advocates:

My website ACC Advocates NZ is a information delivery system designed to help others find help in a less stressful way.

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Children With Disability NZ:

My Charity Children with Disability NZ is a passion driven by the need to help young disabled children live good lives.

Helping others is what I do best
Glen McMillan a little bit about me

I am just me I work a lot I read a lot I help others I do not try to be anybody but myself. I run several websites I am successful.



Let us work together

Let’s work together I am connected to my community through my extensive social media networks. I hear of my communities concerns and needs I listen and will act for the betterment of our cities people.

Getting involved with the community

Getting involved with my community I run a children’s charity Children with Disability NZ I also work for CCS Disability Action as the Northland Disability Leadership Intern.

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